March-08-2018 Bernd Schwarzer “Europawerk”

Jul 18, 2018





Bernd Schwarzer “Europawerk”

“Alles Gesprochene ist schnell vergessen, was aber gemalt und geschrieben ist, bleibt!”

For 40 years, Bernd Schwarzer has combined his visionary power
in his art-historical unique invention: the EUROPAWERK.

Bernd Schwarzer’s works reflect German history and the German-European present as well as European thought and cosmopolitanism. Early on he shows the social and political developments that subsequently led to the German and European unification. His work is of historical relevance and special sensuality. The eruptive art with relief-like surfaces, provocative contrasts, the play of light and shadow and a unique luminosity of the colors are the characteristics of his art.

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